UCL Birkbeck MRC DTP


Fundamental Mechanisms of Disease

UCL Birkbeck MRC DTP
Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of disease can have a huge translational impact and we are internationally recognised in this area.

Experimental and Translational Medicine

UCL Birkbeck MRC DTP
Experimental and Translational Medicine focuses on research programmes designed to investigate specific medical challenges in multiple fields of medicine.

Neuroscience and Mental Health

UCL Birkbeck MRC DTP
The human brain is often said to be the most complex object known to humankind, and understanding how it works and why it sometimes fails is the ultimate challenge. UCL and Birkbeck represent the largest grouping of neuroscientists in Europe.

Health of the Public – Using Population Data for Better Health

Health of the People
To better understand the complex public health challenges of the 21st Century, address their multi-factorial drivers and design interventions, a transdisciplinary ‘Health of the Public’ approach, that harnesses the opportunities of the digital revolution, is needed.